No rules. Just fun.

Your wedding day laughs, tears, and fist bumps captured perfectly.

Wedding days are awesome. There’s you, the rad couple who has decided to take the big leap. And there’s the cake, the vows, the friends and family, the toasts and all the love. (Did I mention cake?) Even though weddings can be awesome, they can also be a bit overwhelming at times. With Awesomesauce Photography based in Richmond VA, you don’t have to do anything you don’t feel like doing. Perhaps you don’t want to do a bouquet toss, that’s ok! I want you to actually enjoy partying with your friends and eat the awesome meal you have meticulously chosen, not spend it taking portraits for hours. My goal is to capture this EPIC day as it unfolds and not make the day just about the photos. We need to get a few formal photos for mom, but I have the experience to work quickly and get you right back on that dance floor. Let me be clear.  I will take as many portraits as time is allocated. My preference is to create a photography timeline that minimizes your time away from your amazing friends and family. Often, the candid photos I snap end up being your favorite! With me, there are no rules. Just fun.

Linda Spencer, Owner of Awesome Sauce Photography

You’re awesome and your photos should show it.

Love is quirky, fun, serious, crazy and awesome. And I want to document all of it. You’ll get candid, authentic photos that capture the true emotions of your wedding day. My style is easy-going and laid back with the right amount of professional experience to line up a ton of relatives (including wild Uncle Bob!) and get those sweet, stolen moments when you thought no one was looking.

The Experience

Not sure how to plan a wedding? No worries! As a wedding photographer in Richmond VA, I have been privileged to photograph over 300+ weddings. I have lots of experience in how weddings come together especially with the challenges that come with wrangling a crowd. We will sit down together to create a timeline of your day like when to get in your dress, decide if a first look is right for you, and help eliminate some stress of the wedding day by keeping everyone on the same page. We’ll also create a must-have shot list to ensure that the photos you want are a priority. I’m super flexible to fit your needs, not fit you to my photography. All I ask is that you show your true colors. Your story matters and it’s worth telling. So, let’s make your wedding day awesome together!

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